Life Moment Recorder

OMICAM provides a new way to capture 4K film and Virtual Reality Content.  It is our first consumer grade “Wearable VR Life Recorder” with our proprietary OMI™ (Optical Motion Intelligence) technology.  OMI takes care of complex video calibration and stabilization processes necessary to convert the actual VR media footage for unexpected view angle.

Embracing 240° wide lens

OmiCam has 240° view angle to capture more field than what you see. Meantime, the lens unique designed as 45 degree forward to simulate human viewing experience.

Enhancing immersive experience

4K resolution (VR) at 3840*2160 @ 30 fps filming keeps your life memories relive.

LifeLog Mode
Keep battery longer

Record up to 15 hours of film in one charge through our LifeLog™ Mode which uses OmiCam smart algorithm to record your most exciting moments.

It’s the only product in the market that addresses the need for capturing the moments of all extended activities.

Always Keep Horizontal

Wear it any way you like

Even you move or turn your body horizontally or vertically, the recorded video still keeps everything with stable horizontal line.

Clip, Wear and Capture

Free your hands. Enjoy the moment

Wearable design let you focus on your adventure as you take OMICAM underwater, hikes, bike rides, and more. Immerse yourself first then re-experience amazing.

Ease of Use. Create. and Share 

3 Buttons workouts

1.Power On-Off

2.LifeLog Mode Record/Stop

3.Standard Mode Record/Stop

Splash- Proof & Dust- Proof

Get outside. Enjoy nature

OMICAM is splash proof rated IP65 and dust- proof to endure most outdoor activity without the need of waterproof housing or any other case or accessories. 

We offer a complete accessory pack which includes waterproof case to capture stunning underwater activities.

Create your 360 video with OMI Studio

What is in our package?


Item Content
Sensor 12M pixel
Lens 240deg fisheye/ 45deg forward capture
Watch modes 1. 360deg video
2. VR goggle
Resolution (Panorama Photo&video) Phote 4320x2160
Video 4K / 30fps (3840 x 2160)
   2.5K / 30fps (2560 x 1440)
   FHD / 30fps (1920 x 1080)
Size 1.81”(W) x 0.8” (D) x 3.68” (H)
45.9mm (W) x 20.3mm (D) x 93.5mm (H)
Battery 1100mAh
Up to 70 mins (in 4K mode)
Up to 15 hours (in Lifelog™ Video mode)
Camera storage Micro SD (SDXC) Classic 10 or above; Max 128G.
(some cards of 256G are workable)
SW Functions OMI Studio (edit, calibrate, stabilize, augment, share)
OS Compatibility iOS (8.0 or later) / Android (5.0 or later) / Mac OS (11 or later) / Windows (7 or later)